Terms & Conditions

In completing and signing the FOOTBALL KIDS booking form you accept the terms and conditions as detailed below, which may be amended without notice?
You’re child is expected to follow the basic guidelines regarding behaviour and dress code whilst attending a FOOTBALL KIDS activity.

1. General: I understand that FOOTBALL KIDS, their staff, agents and venue organisations are not responsible or liable in respect of loss, damage, personal injury or sickness however caused to any persons or property whilst attending any activity operated by FOOTBALL KIDS.
In the event of an accident, I give my consent for 1st Aid to be given to my child. This may include the use of antiseptic wipes/creams, plasters and/or ice-packs.
In the event of my child contracting a minor OR serious infectious medical condition, I will notify FOOTBALL KIDS and agree NOT to bring him/her to any Football Kids activities until such time as the infectious stage of the illness is past.
I understand it is my responsibility to inform FOOTBALL KIDS staff of any past or present injuries prior to booking.

2. Dress Code: All students must wear full FOOTBALL KIDS training kit during ALL coaching sessions.
Footwear: Astro-turf trainers or sports trainers (studded boots are NOT allowed) Shin pads are required for children age from reception year and above.

3. Behaviour Policy & Action Management: FOOTBALL KIDS aims to provide a safe & positive environment for children to participate in sport activities. Swearing, bullying, aggressive behaviour, violence or verbal abuse, or meaningful damage to facilities/property is deemed as unacceptable behaviour and preventative action will be taken by FOOTBALL KIDS by way of temporary suspension or total ban. This includes parents/carers/spectators.

4. FOOTBALL KIDS does not accept liability for:
Personal injury howsoever caused // Financial loss travelling to a coaching session, camp or match fixture // Financial loss through player or parent/carer sickness or injury // OR any other cause.

5. All players involved in his/hers designated coaching session OR who is under the direct supervision of the FOOTBALL KIDS coaching staff are covered by the clubs insurance policy. Exceptions: 1. A child is not covered if he/she decides to leave the coaching group to be with his/hers parent – the full responsibility for the child’s safety will revert to the parent or guardian.

6. Coaching Fees: The full term fee per child is to be paid on “registration day” held 2/3 weeks prior to the end of the previous term. Please note we operate a “No Refund” policy under any circumstances.

7. FOOTBALL KIDS reserve the right to cancel or change the date and/or venue of the coaching sessions, tournament or camp. In the case of cancellation of a FOOTBALL KIDS tournament or camp, we will refund the full amount paid but will not be liable for any further compensation.

8. A FOOTBALL KIDS booking is only secured when full payment has been received.

9. British weather is unpredictable throughout the year. No concession or refund will be made due to:
1. School closures for poor weather conditions; 2. Unsafe playing surfaces or conditions due to strong winds, heavy rain or snow; 3. Any other poor weather conditions which may result in coaching sessions being cancelled for health & safety reasons.

10. No concessions or refunds will be made whatsoever, due to SCHOOL, VENUE OR FACILITIES closures.

11. Participants who cannot attend a Football Kids activity for any reason, due to injury, illness or for any other reason whatsoever, will not be entitled to a money refund or any other compensation.

12. The participants’ parent(s)/guardian(s) consent to the use of photography which may be used for the promotion of FOOTBALL KIDS.

13. MEDICATION: Please do not register your child for any Football Kids activity if he/she is taking medication. Football Kids staff are not responsible and may not be qualified to give medication to any child in any circumstance. Should your child attend and require medication, without prior discussion, written notification or confirmation in writing by Football Kids that the child can attend, then participation/continuation in the activities will be refused. NO REFUNDS WILL BE PAID UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

14. If required, first aid will be applied by a qualified 1st aider on site for minor accidents. In the case of emergencies parents will be immediately notified.

15. Please ensure any changes of address or contact details that occur after a booking has been made are known to FOOTBALL KIDS staff.

16. Parents/Guardians MUST be present prior to a Football Kids activity and immediately after an activity has finished. FOOTBALL KIDS staff is not responsible for any child outside of the designated activity time.

17. FOOTBALL KIDS and its staff are not responsible for the care of children not registered who are present either as spectating or waiting with their family.

18. Children MUST listen and follow instruction given by FOOTBALL KIDS coaching staff. No child must endanger the safety of another child by distracting, or unsafe behaviour or act in a way. FOOTBALL KIDS have an Anti-Bullying Policy.

19. Please make any potential behavioural issues known to staff when making a booking. Minor infringements will be dealt with by staff. In the unlikely event of a serious infringement the parent/guardian will be asked to remove their child from the Football Kids activity. All infringements and actions will be recorded.

20. Privacy and Security: FOOTBALL KIDS ask parents for contact information for completion of booking forms. All data is destroyed after one year. The information provided by parents to FOOTBALL KIDS is for FOOTBALL KIDS information only and is NOT shared.

To print a PDF of  our terms and conditions please click here.