Year 2


YEAR 2: AGE 6-7

Self Ownership & Development:

Improving own performance, through recognising what they do well and what they need to do better, helping them to observe a good performance and to imitate it and developing the confidence to try something new.

This year group will develop more advanced individual and team skills. They will learn about approach play whilst defending, 2 v 1 attacking and coaching during the training matches. Players will also participate in a range of passing and movement drills and are introduced to positional play and movement off the ball. There is an opportunity for selected players to play in summer tournaments.

Topics this year include:

  • A mix of passing and movement drills & keep ball sessions
  • Progression of on-the-ball skills
  • Simple attacking & defensive routines
  • Technical training during match play
  • Passing and movement in small sided matches
  • 1 v 1 ‘s – more skills to beat players

Key skills which a player should be looking to develop through regular practice are:

  • Passing the ball accurately over approx. 12 meters
  • Receiving and moving with the ball from 1st touch
  • Passing & movement with a ball in pairs using different techniques
  • Running with the ball under control at medium pace