Terms and Conditions

1. General: In completing and signing the FOOTBALL KIDS booking form you accept the terms and conditions as detailed below, which may be amended without notice. You’re child is expected to follow the basic guidelines regarding dress code and behavior whilst in attending coaching sessions and training days.


2. Dress Code: All students must wear full FOOTBALL KIDS training kit during ALL coaching sessions.
Footwear: Astro-turf trainers or sports trainers (studded boots are NOT allowed ) Shin pads are required for age groups from Reception age.


3. Behaviour Policy & Action Management: FOOTBALL KIDS aims to provide a safe & positive environment for children to participate in sport activities. Swearing, bullying, aggressive behaviour, violence or verbal abuse, or damage to property is deemed as unacceptable behaviour and preventative action will be taken by FOOTBALL KIDS by way of a temporary suspension or total ban. No refunds will be offered.


4. FOOTBALL KIDS does not accept liability for personal injury howsoever caused, nor for loss or damage to any property belonging to or travelling with a participant. FOOTBALL KIDS does not accept any responsibility for losses or additional expense incurred due to sickness, weather or any other cause.


3. All players involved in his/hers designated coaching session OR who is under the direct supervision of the FOOTBALL KIDS coaching staff are covered by the company insurance policy. Exception: If during a child’s coaching session he/she decides to leave the group to be with his/hers parent, away from the coaching area, then full responsibility for the child’s safety reverts to the parent or guardian.


4. Term Coaching Fees: All term fees are to be paid in full – no refunds/credits are available.


5. FOOTBALL KIDS reserve the right to cancel or change the date and/or venue of the coaching sessions, training days or camps. In the case of cancellation of a FOOTBALL KIDS training day or camp, we will refund the full amount paid but will not be liable for any further compensation.


6. A FOOTBALL KIDS booking is secured only when full payment has been received.


7. Weather Conditions: British weather is unpredictable throughout the season, therefore no concession or refund will be made for heavy or persistent rain, sleet, snow or any other poor weather conditions which may result in coaching sessions being cancelled for the health & safety of the students.


8. Participants who cannot attend a coaching session or camp due to injury, illness or for any other reason will not be entitled to any refund or form of compensation.


9. The participants’ parent(s)/guardian(s) consent to the use of photography which may be used for the promotion of FOOTBALL KIDS


11. Any medication required during a visit to FOOTBALL KIDS should be handed in on arrival to the Senior Coach or Camp Manager together with details of dosage required and method for administration. In the event that your child requires medication, please discuss this with FOOTBALL KIDS staff PRIOR to booking on a course or day camp.


12. First aid will be applied on site by staff at FOOTBALL KIDS. This may also be supported by external fully trained personnel applying 1st aid for minor incidents or in the case of emergencies.


13. Please ensure any changes of address or contact details that occur after a booking has been made are made known to FOOTBALL KIDS staff.


14. FOOTBALL KIDS staff is not responsible for participants prior to or after a child’s booked coaching session.


15. FOOTBALL KIDS and its staff are not responsible for the care of children not registered who are present either as a spectating or waiting with their family.


16. Children must listen and follow instruction from all FOOTBALL KIDS staff. No child must endanger the safety of another or compromise the safety of others by distracting behaviour OR act in a way that it disrupts the coaching group. FOOTBALL KIDS have an Anti-Bullying Policy.


17. Please make any potential behavioural issues known to staff when making a booking. Minor infringements will be dealt with by staff. In the unlikely event of a serious infringement the parent/guardian will be asked to remove their child from the coaching group or camp. All infringements and actions will be recorded.


FOOTBALL KIDS – Child Protection Officer: Chris Ward


Privacy and Security: FOOTBALL KIDS ask parents for contact information for completion of booking forms.  All data is securely destroyed after one year. Information within the year is kept for subsequent bookings during the year as well as for information mail-shots. The information provided by parents to FOOTBALL KIDS is NOT given to any other company or third party.